Printed Metal Signs

In 2020, at 80 years old, I felt an increased sense of urgency to make sure my artwork “messages” are easy to receive. So, for the past several years, my art-focus has been designing metal signs. Each sign has a bold colorful image with a specific written message for the viewer.

The Signs for Our Times and Chicken Crossing signs and Time for Peace signs convey my beliefs about Voting Rights, Women’s Rights, LGBTQIA+ Rights, Rights for People of Color, and combating Climate Change.

Throughout a lifetime of making art, my consistent essential message is the wish for all of us to recognize our common humanity, and hope for a more peaceful world. Creating these signs is my way to send messages of hope and for positive change out into the world.

Note: The signs are made according to my original designs, prepared for printing by my art assistant Donna Semola, and printed by a sign fabricator.