Welcome to my artwork and my story

From childhood, speaking through my art has felt most natural and best expresses what I want to say. This website is my way of reaching out more broadly with images and with written words.

My paintings, appliqués—every work of art has a message for the viewer. I wish to engage the viewer and convey the visual message with as much energy and beauty as my ability allows.

I want my artwork to encourage the appreciation of nature, recognition that we are all one family, and compassion for ourselves and for each other. Themes throughout the years have included: equality, Bible stories, women’s accomplishments, personal history, and Buddhist philosophy.


I was born in Philadelphia in 1939, grew up here, and went to school here. Although several years were spent in St. Louis, Atlanta and Puerto Rico, Philadelphia has always been my home.

I graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art (UArts) in 1961 with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education, and have a Master of Science in Art Psychotherapy from Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital. For more than half a century, I have been a professional fine artist. I also have taught arts and crafts, worked as a commercial artist and a display artist, and illustrated children’s books.

My paintings and appliqués are represented in public collections including: the Allentown Art Museum; the Anheuser Busch Company of MO and FL; the Historical Society of Pennsylvania; the Lehigh Valley Health System Art Collection; the National Museum of American Jewish History; the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary; and the Woodmere Art Museum. In 2008 the Allentown Art Museum held a retrospective of my artwork.

The creative endeavor I’m most grateful to have been a part of is giving birth to my daughter Sara and helping her to grow. Sara being in the world brings me joy.

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