Creating Paintings

Art-making has always been my way to work through life’s struggles, celebrate life’s joys, and reach out to others. In 1990, after thirty years of creating fabric appliqué and stitchery wall hangings, I turned to painting as a more spontaneous medium, to help me work through the strong emotions and difficult decisions about getting a divorce. I hesitated to change my art medium, because I did not want to lose the feeling of being close to my dear Grandmom Bessie when I sewed.

A breakthrough came while creating the very detailed “Bread Upon the Waters” painting. I felt Bessie’s presence cheering me on, and realized my beloved Grandmom is always with me, whatever choices I make.

Painting with acrylics became my favored medium for a quarter of a century. Through painting, I have explored my feelings and beliefs about marriage and divorce, physical disability, women of valor, LGBTQ+ issues, the natural world, and more.